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With an aggregated and estimated real estate development project pipeline on the rise, we will successfully continue to launch real estate development projects by leveraging on our expertise in construction, property management and development services.

About HMO’s

HMO properties continue to be an appealing choice as they offer lots of advantages. For one, they are often more profitable than other types of rentals. HMO stands for houses of multiple occupants. Cas & Co utilise multiple HMO strategies for its property portfolios. Cas & Co design and develop fit for purpose HMO properties to significantly increase rental income yields for property owners and its investors.

By providing luxury HMO properties, we are able to ensure stable income generation by managing the property and its tenants. Our HMO model is suitable for standard individuals seeking affordable and luxury accommodation, assisted living users and operators and students.

Fixed Income

We offer our investors with robust income generating investment opportunities, underpinned by a proven and tested formula, in which our investors receive an additional stable income by investing in the real estate sector via Cas & Co in opportunities that would usually require significantly more capital.

Revenue Sharing Properties

We can bridge the gap of income generation between homeowners and investors seeking capital appreciation by using the Cas & Co platform as a catalyst. We provide a solution to both by using our platform as a means of value creation.

Fit for Purpose Developed Complexes

We appeal to investors seeking short to medium term returns with an exposure in the real estate market by providing them with a phenomenal opportunity to benefit from the entire property value chain by investing in viable projects underpinned by the principal value propositions of Cas & Co.

If you’re interested in making any investment, please feel free to contact us 

    We at Arks design enjoy working along side Cas & Co Group. Carlos the director has a great understanding of people and is able to reflect that on the projects. Cas & Co group are also my number one contractors when issuing tender packages on behalf of clients. Whether that be a high end project to the lower side they are able to treat all different types of clients with upmost respect and professionalism.

    Arks design studios ( Architect )

    It couldn't have been any smoother. Not only are they an amazing building contracting team, they have a vast understanding on how the property market works and how to maximise from all angles, if your planning to make an investment then definitely get in touch with Cas & co group.


    Retired Banker


    Cas & Co did a loft extension for me. Job was done very professionally and most importantly quickly.

    Sara Harrison




    Welcome to Cas & Co, A property management, development and construction firm specialising in the real estate sector.

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      Welcome to Cas & Co, A property management, development and construction firm specialising in the real estate sector.
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