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Our construction team of chartered Engineers, Architects and surveyors come with the skills and vision to do the initial work of translating the inception design into bricks and mortar. They’ll look at planning Permission, design, structural foundations, Health & safety as well as building control protocols.


Cas construction plan and schedule all key aspects of the construction phases. Planning and scheduling are inseparable when it comes to the success of the projects. This works in hand to complete a given project at a given budget and time frame as well as quality control. We will generate a sum for the project, itemising every piece of material, equipment and tradesmen needed onsite. With your project manager guiding you through the construction process, a detailed program will be set in place organising every aspect of the project.


Once the designs are laid down, it’s time to bring in our experienced team. This includes a dedicated construction manager and multi-disciplined team of competent tradesmen ready to start work. From bricklayers to carpenters, electricians to plumbers, each tradesman comes qualified and experienced required to produce impeccable work.

Loft Conversion

With space at a premium especially in London, a loft conversion makes for the perfect solution to create the extra space you need. You can be versatile with the type of loft conversion maximise the space available, It’s a way to get the extra bedroom, office or any other type of room you need without having to move home. In many cases a loft conversion can even be cheaper than moving while simultaneously adding value to your property.


For us, designing and building an extension is about creating brilliant solutions for living and working. Whether it’s a side, front or rear extension, single or multi-storey, we always begin with your motivation for wanting the extension in the first place. We then deploy the full spectrum of our truly talented team with the skill and vision to do the initial work of translating your needs into bricks and mortar.


There are several reasons why our customers tend to choose us to help with the renovation of a property. We have an excellent work ethic, over 50 years of combined construction experience, and a track record for producing impressive results. Equally important to our customers is our ability to see the potential of a property – we visualise what a renovated house can become.

New Builds

There are times when the only way to get the kind of home you dream of it is to build it from scratch, especially in London. We can help you bring that dream to life whether your new build is for development and investment purposes, or you’re building a home where you can raise a family. This gives you the opportunity to create a spacious, environmentally friendly property that is cheaper to run, easier to maintain and is fit for modern-day living or working.

We at Arks design enjoy working along side Cas & Co Group. Carlos the director has a great understanding of people and is able to reflect that on the projects. Cas & Co group are also my number one contractors when issuing tender packages on behalf of clients. Whether that be a high end project to the lower side they are able to treat all different types of clients with upmost respect and professionalism.

Arks design studios ( Architect )

It couldn't have been any smoother. Not only are they an amazing building contracting team, they have a vast understanding on how the property market works and how to maximise from all angles, if your planning to make an investment then definitely get in touch with Cas & co group.


Retired Banker


Cas & Co did a loft extension for me. Job was done very professionally and most importantly quickly.

Sara Harrison



Welcome to Cas & Co, A property management, development and construction firm specialising in the real estate sector.

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    Welcome to Cas & Co, A property management, development and construction firm specialising in the real estate sector.
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