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Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Cas & Co offers a harmonious balance of natural and urban design that delivers a lifestyle unlike any other.


Our chartered engineers will carry out calculations and checks to ensure your concepts have structural integrity, engineering reports will be generated and submitted with the relevant building specifications to building control to ensure the fasted possible construction start date.


We will generate a sum for the project, itemising every piece of material, equipment and tradespeople to be used. With your project manager guiding you through the construction process A detailed program will be set in place organising every aspect of the project.


As as specialist in the construction sector Cas & Co implement the procurement process for our clients to ensure the best of quality and cost efficient materials are procured and used in the construction process to please our clients with our cost control expertise and outstanding finishing touches done to perfection.


You would now be able to unwind and anticipate your ideas being brought to life as the construction takes place. The detailed construction program will minimise setbacks and your project will be handed back swiftly whilst paying close attention to detail and quality.

We at Arks design enjoy working along side Cas & Co Group. Carlos the director has a great understanding of people and is able to reflect that on the projects. Cas & Co group are also my number one contractors when issuing tender packages on behalf of clients. Whether that be a high end project to the lower side they are able to treat all different types of clients with upmost respect and professionalism.

Arks design studios ( Architect )

It couldn't have been any smoother. Not only are they an amazing building contracting team, they have a vast understanding on how the property market works and how to maximise from all angles, if your planning to make an investment then definitely get in touch with Cas & co group.


Retired Banker


Cas & Co did a loft extension for me. Job was done very professionally and most importantly quickly.

Sara Harrison



Welcome to Cas & Co, A property management, development and construction firm specialising in the real estate sector.

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    Welcome to Cas & Co, A property management, development and construction firm specialising in the real estate sector.
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